Nick Young—aka "Swaggy P"—is getting ready to drop a mixtape sometime soon. Er, we think…

TMZ caught up with the Lakers guard last night and asked him about Tony Parker announcing his retirement from the rap game recently. Young said, "That's a good thing." The TMZ reporter then asked him if he has ever heard Dwyane Wade or LeBron James rap, and he said that he hasn't. But Young then revealed that he will be dropping a Swaggy P mixtape soon.

"Have you heard Swaggy P rap?" he said. "Look out for my mixtape! I got one coming out, baby. We do this."

We don't know if he was just kidding or what. But we wouldn't put it past Young to drop a mixtape, especially now that he's living in the limelight out in Los Angeles (also of note: His cousin is Kendrick Lamar). We'll keep an eye and an ear out for whatever music he has coming in the future.

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[via TMZ]