The NFL is sick and tired of seeing players make violent helmet-to-helmet hits. So in an effort to try and reinforce the fact that they will not tolerate these kinds of hits, the league is reportedly thinking about suspending Dashon Goldson for a game.

The Buccaneers safety was fined $30,000 for hitting Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland in the head during a game last week. But apparently, that didn't teach him anything. Because during yesterday's Saints/Bucs game, Goldson was flagged again for engaging in a helmet-to-helmet hit with New Orleans running back Darren Sproles. And it's being reported that the NFL is now looking into the possibility of benching Goldson for a game to try and show him just how serious they are about eliminating helmet-to-helmet hits from the game of football.

Even if the league does issue a suspension, Goldson will have the opportunity to appeal it. But this is becoming a trend right now, as the league is going to look to rid football of dirty hits by handing out as many fines and suspensions as it can. It'll be interesting to see if it sparks any real change, though.

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[via Pro Football Talk]