Intoxicated NFL players looking for a ride? There's an app for that!

The NFL players' union just announced that they have partnered up with Uber Technologies in order to allow NFL players to call for rides anytime they need one. Effective immediately, all they need to do is download the free Uber app to their smartphones that will allow them to get a ride in 20 different NFL cities as well as Honolulu, where the NFL Pro Bowl is held every year. And once they request a ride from Uber, they'll have access to a safe, reliable driver within just minutes. The players' union is also handing out personalized keychain cards to all active NFL players that will give them up to $200 worth of free rides through Uber.

"We're working to educate city governments that this reduces drunk driving and gets people out of their cars," Uber CEO/co-founder Travis Kalanick told The New York Times. "Sometimes, pro players' lives are unscheduled, and that's where Uber can be helpful."

Now let's hope NFL players are smart enough to use the service. If they do, it could cut back on the number of DUIs that NFL players receive and encourage other pro sports leagues to look into similar programs. From where we're sitting, it's a win/win for everyone.

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[via ESPN]