Date: 1/10/1987

There's no question that defensive end Mark Gastineau was one of the best pass rushers to ever play the game, and is one of the Jets' most revered players in franchise history. However, he's also known for his role in one of the team's most painful losses ever: The divisional round playoff defeat they suffered against the Cleveland Browns during the 1986 playoffs. Allow us to set the scene: The Jets led 20-10 late in the fourth, and the Browns were looking at 2nd and 24 from their own 18-yard line. Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar threw an incomplete pass but Gastineau was called for a roughing the passer penalty that was dubious, at best.

Instead of having a 3rd and 24, the 15-yard penalty gave new life to Cleveland. From there, the Browns drove down the field to score and won the game in overtime after they tied it at the end of the fourth. The Jets wouldn't win another playoff game until 1998, well after Gastineau had hung up his cleats.