Date: 1990

When you're taking over as a new head coach, it's pretty important that you work on massaging the media a little bit in order to get some sort of positive spin going in the papers for your team. But telling the New York journos, off-the-record, that your QB is terrible? Well, you might need a lesson in PR. But when Bruce Coslet took over the team in 1990, that's exactly what he did, telling the assembled press that then-Jets quarterback Ken O'Brien "sucks," and that "You know [he] sucks. I know [he] sucks. Everyone knows [he] sucks." Okay, we got it, dude. Geez. Funnily enough, though, O'Brien would end up making the Pro Bowl in 1991, and led the team to their only playoff appearance during Coslet's tenure. Wasn't looking so bad then, was he, Bruce?