The crazy and wonderful 414 hp, Toyota Yaris-based Hybrid R Concept debuted this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Theorizing about it being related to the new Supra, that has been confirmed to us on several occasions in person, but is still being denyed by Toyota PR, aside, what's also interesting about this car is that is has nothing to to with Toyota Racing Development (TRD). Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), the German division known best for the TS030 race car and the Lexus LS Sports 650, was behind it.

Auto Express is now reporting that TMG might be taking on the status of a full blown sport line, much like BMW's M-Sport or Chrysler's SRT. Given that TRD has never broken out of making parts and accessories and into full blown performance models, we think this is an awesome development.

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[via Auto Express