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There are tons of formula series that drivers use to attempt to one day make their way up to Formula 1, but the problem is that only rich drivers really have a shot at going that far. F3, and many other formulae, costs a damn fortune, and many very talented drivers never get enough sponsorship to make it that far.

In order to help these drivers get noticed, the FIA has announced a new Formula 4 series that is designed to keep costs in line.. Each country can have its own F4 series, and can shoose its own engine supplier as long as it produces 150 hp from 1.6L. Depending on the weight, it sounds pretty similar to the Formula SCCA cars we drove at the Bridgestone Racing Academy

The FIA is hoping to fold many existing series, like Formula Abarth and Formula Ford, into the F4 fold.

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[via Autoblog