Once again we're reminded referees do not make good defensive backs. Titans wide receiver Nate Washington caught a perfectly thrown long bomb from Ryan Fitzpatrick, but had to go through a referee to complete a 77-yard touchdown.

We're not sure if the referee just didn't have the wherewithall or just was dying to find some reason to throw a flag, but he was at the wrong place and he paid for it. The sad part is he still played better defense than who was originally covering Washington.

This marks the latest player-on-referee collision, which may've been caused by players (both college and professional) somehow unconsciously avenging the Jay Cutler pass that wasn't.  Ohio State's Jordan Hall cleverly used a referee as a blocker on his way to a touchdown. Soon after, South Alabama's Cris Dinham straight up trucked another referee for blocking a clean route. It's time to keep focus or start hitting the gym, refs. 

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[via SB Nation]