On this day, 12 years ago, we experienced the worst attack ever on American soil. It was a tragic event that killed nearly 3,000 individuals and left a permanent scar on everyone. After a 10-day grieving process, the first game in New York City was played when the Mets took on the Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium in Queens. That night was an emotional affair, but the return of sports was just what the Big Apple needed.

With practically every story showing one sad scene after another, sports served as a brief distraction. But it also served as a way of unifying the masses. Whether you had one person or a player waving the American flag or an entire stadium representing the stars and stripes as a whole, the love and admiration for the United States was undoubtedly felt. As a way of remembering Sept. 11, 2011, we have gathered a bunch of images that will make you feel proud to be an American. Here are The Most Patriotic Images in Sports.  

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