A lot of Mike Tyson's recent interviews have been sort of sketchy and depressing. Just last week, he did one in which he revealed that he still struggles with sobriety and thinks he might be "on the verge of dying" because of it. So it was nice to see him on Conan last night being his usual self. He was celebrating his 20th day of sobriety and did so by talking to Conan O'Brien about the time that his pet tiger accidentally head-butted him and knocked some of his gold teeth out.

"On one occasion," he said, "I went, 'Give me a kiss,' and she put her head in and—boom!—I had gold teeth back then and she knocked my teeth out because her head is like concrete."

Tyson also talked about his acting career and the idea of him appearing in a play written by Shakespeare one day. Watch the clip above to hear him talk about the tiger and his acting aspirations. It's nice to see him like this. Don't like the demons get to you, Mike.

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[via For The Win]