Michael Beasley still wants to play in the NBA. Even though he was released by the Suns less than two weeks ago following a recent arrest for marijuana possession, Beasley just proved that he wants to hang around in the league for a little while longer by agreeing to a non-guaranteed contract with the Heat, the team that originally drafted him back in 2008. According to reports, the Heat were not interested in signing him recently when Beasley's handlers approached them and revealed that Beasley wanted to sign with Miami. But their interest level rose when they found out that he would be willing to accept a non-guaranteed deal in order to prove himself.

"Michael had the best years of his career with us," Heat president Pat Riley said late yesterday. "We feel that he can help us."

Either way, signing Beasley is a good move for Miami. If he does pan out and play as well as he's capable of playing, the Heat will have yet another weapon in their arsenal come playoff time. And if he doesn't—or if he gets into any trouble off the court—his contract is not guaranteed. So the Heat will be able to part ways with him without taking a huge financial hit. Plus, Beasley has to be on his best behavior in Miami or else his NBA career might be over. So we think that this could really pay off for Miami in both the short and long term.

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[via ESPN]