Impersonating a police officer? There's an app for that!

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, two men—Michael Railly, 28, and Joshua Sossamon, 33—allegedly attempted to pull someone over on Wednesday by using a smartphone app that mimics police car lights. Undercover cops watched as Railly, who was the driver of a car, and his passenger Sossamon pulled up behind a motorcycle with the app turned on and attempted to pull the guy on the bike over. Both men are now claiming that they were not trying to pull anyone over—"That's absurd," Sossaman said yesterday—but police have charged Railly with impersonating a police vehicle, assault and battery of a police officer, driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and no state driver's license. They've also hit Sossamon with a public drunkenness charge and told both men to prepare to defend themselves in court if they want to fight the charges against them.

"They had undercover officers that watched them [use the app]," OCPD Captain Dexter Nelson said yesterday. "Their impression was that they were trying to pull over a guy on the motorcycle."

Just out of curiosity, what were Railly and Sossamon planning on telling the biker if they did get him to pull over? On second thought, we would rather not know. All we know is that you should not download whatever app it is that they were allegedly using. It sounds like it's nothing but trouble.

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[via The Oklahoman]