Geno Smith isn't looking that great as the future of the Jets. The rookie threw three interceptions and pulled an Orlovsky against the Giants in preseason. The Jets lost despite a particularly bad performance by the Patriots offense partially because Smith threw three interceptions again. 

Regardless, it's time to get used to the future because Mark Sanchez will be out for at least eight week because he's been placed on short-term injury reserve. During that same game against the Giants, head coach Rex Ryan made the extremely questionable decision to put Sanchez in the game during the third quarter with a second and third string line. Sanchez ended up getting popped by two Giants defenders simultaneously and suffered a dislocated shoulder and possible torn labrum.

Since Week 10 is a bye week, the earliest Sanchez can return is on Week 11 against the Buffalo Bills. So if you're looking forward to a Jets team minus Sanchez—at least for the near future—here it is.

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[via Pro Football Talk]