All the way back in March, someone reported the GMC Yukon SUV that you see in the photo above stolen. But police had a difficult time finding it for the owner. And as it turns out, that's because the truck was literally in the middle of nowhere.

A man in George County, Miss. was using Google Earth to survey his land recently when he spotted what appeared to be a house hidden back in a wooded area on his property. But when he went to check out the house for himself, he found the SUV instead and called police. It was in such a strange place—nearly 70 yards from the closest road—that police were unsure how it even got there. But they're now launching a full investigation to find out who took the vehicle and put it there.

"It looks like the vehicle must have been driven and dumped months ago due to the amount of growth around and under the vehicle," a police investigator said.

What a weird find. Google Earth FTW again.

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[via Daily Mail]