Written By Alexander Kreger

The Los Angeles vs. New York City battle can be attacked from every angle. Music scene, weather, food, jobs, art, number of cute puppies, anything and everything has been analyzed to no end. One of the biggest topics of debate is transportation. NYC is an extremely concentrated area that heavily relies on public transportation, where a lot of people don't even have cars. L.A. is a much more spread out area that is largely seen as an area where owning a car is a must. 

Although L.A. people spend the most time in traffic delays (the average driver waited for an average of 5.2 hours in April this year), are most often driving solo (67 percent in 2009, 24 percent for N.Y - think cabs), and buy the most cars in the country, recent data actually shows that public transport is on the rise, meaning less cars on the road.

Now, if you've heard that L.A. traffic is the worst, that's not entirely off. The traffic is definitely horrible, but anybody who has driven in New York City, where you're trapped on a little island with a ton of one-way streets and millions of people constantly J-walking, you'd understand that it's an equally, if not more, frustrating experience. But what does all this actually say about the drivers in those cars flooding the roads? That's what we're here to settle. The answer is Los Angeles. Let us explain:

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