Above you see the new Lexus SUV, named the LF-NX concept. Now, Lexus, Toyota's high luxury brand, is in the midst of revamping a lineup that, frankly, was pretty damn boring. They really did just look like more expensive Toyotas, which is not something you want showing through the tens of thousands of dollars that people were spending on these cars. They were too rounded, too soft, and in a market looking more and more for sharp details, it was time for a change.

As we unfortunately saw the passing of the LFA (we LOVED that car), we began to see the new design language (previewed by the LF-LC Concept) showing through releases of the new IS and LS, debuting that angular grille. The F Sport models helped even more showing off a much athletic side of the brand. And now they've moved to the sport utility vehicles. 

As we said in our headline, the LF-NX concept is like the LeBron XI of SUVs. If you don't know, this is the XI: 

LOTS of edges. Lots of hard, masculine, bulky lines. Nothing about this shoe is smooth. It's all corners. And that's what our impression of the LF-NX is. Take a look:

It's good that Lexus realizes that this is more of what the brand needs to get its appeal back, but this concept just kind of feels like it's trying a little too hard -- like there are lines just to be lines (check out above that rear wheel well. And here is the interior:

Doesn't really match with the exterior, right? It just kind of looks like a slightly more futuristic version of cars that are out there today. They don't fit together. There are three things to remember here, though: 1. This is just the concept, so there will obviously be some changes made before production versions hit showrooms, 2. It's a hybrid, so that's good, and 3. Cars always look different in person. We'll have to wait until Frankfurt to see live photos to see how these proportions hit the eye.

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[via Lexus]