On Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Canelo Alvarez handily in their junior middleweight world title match. At least, that's what just about everyone who actually watched the fight thought after seeing it. But curiously, one of the judges for the match C.J. Ross scored the fight a draw. Yes, a draw. It pissed Mayweather off, made the sport of boxing look bad, and put Ross—a judge who has been scoring boxing matches for more than two decades now—under a microscope.

Ross initially tried to defend her scoring for the match and even reiterated that she thought it was a draw. But after several days of intense scrutiny, she has now decided to take a leave of absence from the sport of boxing.

"I will be taking some time off from boxing," she revealed late last night, "but will keep in touch."

Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer also spoke out on behalf of Ross and said that she feels bad that the spotlight is shining on her right now instead of the sport of boxing. But what the hell did she expect to happen? When you do something as controversial as she did and refuse to admit that you may have made a mistake, this is what happens. Hopefully, we won't see her ringside for another Mayweather fight anytime in the near future.

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[via USA Today]

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