With all the attention given to Johnny Manziel's autograph celebration and his three touchdowns this afternoon, it's extremely easy to miss the neat little tattoo on the quarterback's wrist.

oh. well, look at that.RT @ColePatty: .@stackmack RT @primetime2832: Yes, that's an OVO tat for Manziel. #OVOSports. pic.twitter.com/y5L4PmUC5y

— Holly MacKenzie (@stackmack) August 31, 2013

Manziel still found time to get himself an OVO tattoo through all the adventures he's had this past year. Now every time ESPN zooms into Manziel in action—which will undoubtedly happen multiple times this season because he's Johnny Manziel and because it's ESPN—you'll see OVO right there in black ink.

This isn't a slick, subconscious way of advertising Drake's upcoming Nothing Was The Same. Manziel has been building a relationship with Drake since the two met in Toronto during this year's spring break. Apparently, the meeting has changed Manziel's life for the better according to him, although it's not exactly clear how yet if he's getting benched for misconduct this early in the season. In July, Drake gave Manziel a shoutout after SEC Media Day for the way he handled himself, so the relationship between the two has goes beyond fandom.

There's also that "money finger rub," which it's actually not. It's a reference to TOPSZN, a movement associated with OVO. OB O'Brien, who's part of the movement and a close friend of the artist, shouted out Manziel on Instagram for the celebration.

Who knew Manziel was this tied to Drake's circle? This quarterback never ceases to surprise, and this is off the football field we're talking about.

[via Holly MacKenzie]