Last week, the NFL put up two huge posters of Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco outside of Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver to help promote the first game of the 2013-14 NFL season between the Broncos and Ravens on Thursday night. The only problem? Flacco is one of the most hated men in Denver right now because of what he did to the Broncos during the 2013 NFL Playoffs to knock them out of the postseason. So lots of Broncos fans have been wondering why in the world the NFL decided to hang a poster of Flacco up in Denver.

Flacco has been wondering the same exact thing. During a conference call with the media yesterday, he explained that he doesn't really understand why the NFL hung up a poster of him in Denver. He also laughed when he was told that the poster had been desecrated by angry Broncos fans and revealed that he thinks the vandalism is warranted.

"I think it's all deserved," he said. "I don't know if it's deserved toward me, but I happened to be the guy they put up there. I don't think anybody here, or anyone in our city, would be too happy if we had somebody else from a different team on our stadium. I wouldn't expect anything different than the people in Denver being pretty upset about it."

Us, either. We get what the NFL was trying to do here. But they had to know that putting a picture of Flacco up in Denver was going to get some people riled up, right? Er, right?! Then again, maybe that was their plan all along.

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[via USA Today]