Remember Joakim Noah's sister Yelena Noah? Of course you do. After the Bulls beat the Nets in the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, Joakim and Yelena shared a moment that was caught on national TV. And soon, the entire country was wondering who she was, which led to a ton of photo galleries (like this one) of the 27-year-old model/actress.

But as it turns out, that won't be the lasting image that we all have of Yelena. That's because she just filmed a Pepsi commercial with none other than New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. It will begin airing later this month. But according to a piece that the New York Post just did on Yelena, Cruz didn't know who she was during filming.

"We didn't talk much," she told the Post. "It was a shoot, so it was all very professional. I don't think he knew who I was. I am not the type of person to say, 'Hey, I'm Joakim Noah's sister.' I would never do that, period."

Fortunately, she won't have to point it out anymore. Thanks to the Post piece and the Pepsi commercial, we're betting that Cruz and everyone else out there will know who she is from now on. But just in case you need another reminder, we've put together a bunch of photos of Yelena in the thumbs gallery above. Get familiar!

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