Aside from the obvious takeaway of seeing the McLaren P1 in action, Jay Leno's new edition of his web series Jay Leno's Garage taught us a few more things about the brand new supercar. For one, McLaren's garage is immaculately clean. We're talkin' surgical, nothing could grow on those floors clean. Here are some other quick facts we learned, mainly from Operations Director Alan Foster: 

  • One car is produced per day. 
  • There is no assembly line, it's hand-built in 10 steps. 
  • 375 total cars are being built (we knew this). 
  • 61 People touch the car during it's build process. 
  • Step 4 of this process is engine run-up, checking electronics, 
  • It has Akebono brakes (knew this, too)
  • 0-186 in less than 17 seconds, more than 5 seconds faster than the F1 (our favorite supercar) 

Leno is the first person outside of the McLaren camp to drive the P1. Our favorite part? When they switch it to full-on electric mode, making it a silent killer. Check out full impressions below:

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[via Leno's Garage]