We've already seen some pretty unfortunate ways to get injured in this past week of football, like Georgia's Malcolm Mitchell destroying his ACL after just a celebratory chest bump. Jacoby Jones' injury is more unfortunate because he got taken out even though he did everything right. He waved for a fair catch, like you're supposed to do when there's no possible way of making a punt return, but still ended up getting tackled. Not by the opposing team, but by his own teammate—Brynden Trawick.

Jones ended up leaving the game with what appeared to be a knee injury, which has been revealed to be a Grade II MCL Sprain.

So now, not only have the Ravens lost in epic fashion, they'll be without Jones for 4-6 weeks. Baltimore's quest to defend that Super Bowl championship got off to a rough start to say the least. 

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[via Pro Football Talk]