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Even though he passed away a decade ago, the estate of Bob Hope and his wife Delores Hope is just now getting around to auctioning off a bunch of the items that were once owned by the couple. Julien's Auctions currently has more than 600 items in their possession and is going to start auctioning them off to the public on September 9. The auction will include everything from a photo of Hope with John F. Kennedy inscribed to Hope to $30,000 Turkish rugs.

But the item that we are most interested in is the golf cart that you see here. It's nowhere near as nice as anything out there on the market right now. But the E-Z-Go golf cart, which Hope routinely drove out on the golf course, is a piece of history. We have no idea how well it runs today or, hell, if it even runs at all. But we bet that someone out there is going to be very, very happy to be the proud new owner of it soon.

That is, unless any of you out there would like to pick it up for us? Going once, going twice…anyone?

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[via Los Angeles Times]