ESPN is probably super glad that Robert Griffin III didn't get hurt during the Eagles/Redskins Monday Night Football game earlier this week. It means that they'll get to cover him to death even more as we move forward in the 2013-14 NFL season. But just in case he did get injured, they set up a special camera on Monday that was specifically designed to do nothing but follow RGIII all night long. 

The camera sounds a lot like the "Johnny Cam" that CBS is going to use during the Alabama/Texas A&M game on Saturday afternoon. All it did was keep an eye on RGIII. But there was one major difference between the "RGIII Cam" and the "Johnny Cam": In addition to capturing game shots, ESPN's cameraman was also told to stay focused on RGIII just in case an injury took place and RGIII went down.

When we first saw this camera (which was captured by 'Skins fan Adam Bitely on Monday night), we were a little bit "WTF?" about it. But after we thought about it a little more, it made sense for ESPN to devote one entire cam to capturing nothing but shots of RGIII. After all, The Worldwide Leader in Sports has been committed to covering RGIII relentlessly. So the question isn't "Why would they have a camera like this set up?" It's "Why wouldn't they?"

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[via Shutdown Corner]