Sooooooo…this is where we're at with Lamar Odom right now, huh? About a week ago, Odom was just another NBA free agent battling for the right to play in the league during the upcoming season. But now, he's reportedly facing a heavy drug addiction, his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is on the rocks, and at least one drug dealer is coming forward to talk about Odom's problems. A New York City-based dealer just spoke with Radar Online and revealed that Odom allegedly purchased $16,000 worth of cocaine from him back in February.

"He likes to party," the dealer, who remained anonymous during the interview, told Radar. "He's a pretty nice guy, to be honest with you, but...his problem seems to be becoming a bigger problem…He likes to use and abuse illegal substances."

Yep, like we said, this is where we're at with Lamar Odom right now. We have absolutely no idea if the drug dealer in this clip is telling even one percent of the truth. But if he is, we hope Odom gets his life together. Forget playing in the league next season. There are more important things for him to tend to right now, and we hope he's able to tend to them.

Watch what the alleged drug dealer had to say in the clip above. Can things get any worse for Odom?!

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[via Radar Online]