Earlier this week, Drake visited ESPN and went through their "car wash," appearing on a number of their different shows and doing interviews on all of them. We already told you about his appearance on ESPN First Take. But to be honest, we sort of tuned out after his first two or three appearances on The Worldwide Leader in Sports. They all started to sound the same and featured him answering 500 questions about Johnny Manziel.

With that in mind, we didn't catch his entire interview on Highly Questionable until this morning (the extended interview was posted late yesterday over here). But on HQ, we noticed that he answered at least one question that he didn't answer elsewhere, and it was pretty interesting. HQ's Bomani Jones asked Drake about getting turned away outside of the Miami Heat locker room after they won the 2013 NBA Finals in June—and this was the answer he provided.

"As I joke, I tried to go in with the media through the media entrance," he said, "as they were all swarming in. That was a great night, one of the greatest nights of my life. But that was probably the highlight, getting denied by that old guy and it making news everywhere. That's a classic moment. I'm allowed to go in the Heat locker room for the most part, I just tried to do it in a funny way. It didn't work out for me, I'll never do it again."

That's probably a good idea. Drake didn't stop there, though. He also talked about the security guard who shut him down.

“It’s good to know that that [security] guy is doing his job,” Drake continued. “Some things are sacred, for example, like the Heat locker room on the night of the NBA Finals. Not anybody should be able to walk in there, and he clearly knows zero Drake songs. I don’t blame him, he was like 89 years old. I understand, hats off to that gentleman who was doing due diligence as security.”

Ha. We're glad that Drizzy was and still is such a good sport about getting denied at the door. That was, as he says, a "classic moment."

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]