Back in the day ... Acura days ... Drake wore poofy coats, drove in a 2004 TSX and thought that Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs were pretentious. But if people had the money, people could drive them. We have proof of this in the video above, which is basically a Cribs-formatted video of when Aubrey Graham was working on the set of Degrassi. He also says that the TSX is a decent first car for a teenager (we'd say that's better than decent). 

These days, Drake is spending four Ferraris on Bugatti Veyrons ... because he has the money now and he's just kind of bored with life and needs something to do. Considering he could beat Serena with her left in tennis, maybe somebody should challenge Drake a little bit by getting him on the race track and putting his car to work. 

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