Most sports fans are pretty passionate people. They cheer—and cheer hard—for their respective teams. But for whatever reason, fans in the Bay Area seem to take their passion a little bit too far at times.

Earlier this week, a teenager was attacked by some 49ers fans after the Niners lost to the Colts on Sunday afternoon. Back in March 2011, a Giants fans suffered a brain injury after he was savagely attacked by two Dodgers fans after a game. And last night, a Dodgers fan was actually stabbed and killed after a game at San Francisco's AT&T Park. According to police, 24-year-old Jonathan Denver was killed after a group of two men got into it following the Dodgers/Giants game at around 11:30 p.m. Police later arrested two men who were allegedly connected to the fatal stabbing.

All of this violence before, during, and after games is so senseless, guys. We realize that many of you engaging in it may not be doing it because of your sports alliances. But it makes all sports fans—and especially Bay Area sports fans—look bad when fans get injured or, in this case, killed at sporting events. Enough is enough already.

[via ESPN]