Prior to last night's Dodgers/Diamondbacks game in Arizona, the D'backs reportedly asked Dodgers players not to celebrate on the field if they were able to win the game and clinch the NL West. So after the Dodgers won 7-6 thanks to two home runs from Hanley Ramirez, the team respected Arizona's wishes. Er, sort of.

You see, the Dodgers honored the D'backs request and didn't celebrate on the field. But they did run over it on their way to the swimming pool that's located in right field at Arizona's Chase Field, where each member of the team took a turn jumping into the pool in full uniform. And as you might expect, that didn't sit real well with several Diamondbacks players.

"I think it's tired and disrespectful," Diamondbacks infielder Willie Bloomquist said after he saw what was going on. "It's surprising, because they have a lot of veteran guys on that team that I thought were classier than that. But there's a fine line between going overboard at someone else's place and doing that, I think…but if that's how they're going to act and be classless, that's their gig, that's their clubhouse. I just think it's disrespectful."

Check out the Dodgers players jumping into the pool in the video above. Did they go "overboard" as Bloomquist suggests, or should the D'backs have been a little bit more specific when they asked the Dodgers not to celebrate on their field after the game?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]