It's the burning question on the mind of every Chicago Bulls fan. If Derrick Rose was cleared to go by doctors, why didn't he ever lace up his adidas and take the floor when the team needed him most, during the 2013 NBA Playoffs? Back in early July, Rose was asked the same question and he said:

"I'm not a selfish guy at all, but having this injury and going through what I had to go through and being smart, it's something that I had to be selfish with. I couldn't worry about anyone else but myself and my health."

Yesterday, during the team's Media Day, D-Rose was asked that same question once again, and this time around, the 24-year-old point guard gave an entirely different reason: 

“I never felt like I could take on a double-team,” Rose said. “I knew that I could get past one person, but in the playoffs, you really have to think the game and people are going to throw different strategies and defenses at you almost every game.

“I knew I wasn’t ready to take on the double-team in the playoffs, so I had to make the decision that I’m not coming back.”

So, which rationale sounds more plausible to you? Either way, it seems as though it always came down to the fact that Rose's confidence level wasn't where it needed to be. In order to make the appropriate plays, cuts, whatever, D-Rose needed to be sure that his body could endure anything he needed it to do at any given moment. That wasn't happening, so Rose playing in the playoffs wasn't happening.

Anyway, what's done is done and it is time to move on to the 2013-14 NBA regular season, which is just around the corner. Are you excited?! You better believe we are! 

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[via Black Sports Online]