Derek Jeter's MLB career might be over. We certainly hope that we haven't seen the end of the Captain's historic career. But the Yankees just decided to shut him down for the season because of the balky left ankle that has been giving him problems all season long. He had surgery on the ankle late last year, and he was never able to get it back to full strength during the 2013 MLB season.

"This was a much more difficult rehabilitation situation than we ever expected," Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said a little while ago.

Jeter is expected to give it another go during the offseason and strengthen the area around his ankle, which is what Dr. Brian Anderson, who operated on Jeter's ankle, says he needs to do in order to make a full recovery. But it's pretty clear that Jeter is going to be in a tough battle with Father Time here. We hope he's able to prevail, as he seemingly always does. But we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we never see Jeter play again.

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[via Eye on Baseball]