Hey, Danny Trevathan: You are officially off the hook!

During last night's Broncos/Ravens game, the Denver linebacker committed a really boneheaded error when he picked off a Joe Flacco pass, returned it towards the end zone, and then flipped the ball out of his hand before he crossed the goal line. It resulted in a touchback and earned Trevathan an earful from his defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

At least his gaffe didn't cost his team the game, though. During Stage 1 of the Tour of Alberta on Wednesday, cyclist Ryder Hesjedal thought that he had earned a victory towards the end of the stage. So he raised his arms in victory, almost as if to say, "LOOK AT ME! HOW GREAT AM I? SHOWER ME WITH YOUR PRAISE!" But there was one big problem: The stage wasn't actually over, and he still had one more lap to go. He quickly realized his mistake, but he was unable to recover in time to hold the lead and ended up finishing the stage in 19th place.

What gives, guys? Save your celebrations for after you actually win something! Or don't and continue to look like complete jackasses.

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[via Deadspin]