On Saturday afternoon, the West Virginia University football team shocked the No. 11 Oklahoma State University team in Morgantown, W. Va. The Mountaineers—who were a 20-point underdog going into the game—won handily 30-21. So after the game, WVU students were all riled up and ready to party. And unfortunately, the car that you see in the clip above was vandalized because of it.

As you can see in the clip, at least six young men got the car onto its side and attempted to flip it over. They rocked it back and forth a number of times in order to try and get it flipped, while people standing nearby encouraged them to do it. In the end, a police car drove by and scared them off before they could get it flipped over. But someone took a video of the whole thing and posted it on YouTube later.

Police are now actively searching for the men in the video and, if they are students at WVU, they will be punished for their behavior. And rightfully so. We understand being excited about a win, fellas. But you do realize that your enthusiasm just destroyed somebody's car, right?

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[via Daily Mail]