Floyd Mayweather Jr. dominated the relatively inexperienced, but talented Canelo Alvarez throughout Saturday's match to win by unanimous decision.

That's what we should've been saying. Instead, C.J. Ross scored the fight a draw to give the ridiculous implication that Mayweather didn't convincingly win with the majority decision. So instead of praising the 45-0 champion, we're wondering how this judge could possibly still have her job.

Despite the backlash, TMZ reported that Ross stands by her decision. It would've been barely defendable if Ross had just this blunder on her record, but the absurdity of her score is multiplied because she also infamously scored in favor of Timothy Bradley in his "win" against Manny Pacquiao. Ross is pictured above scoring the fight.

So it's not certain if Ross thinks it's too mainstream to score to do her job and score the fight correctly, judging fights correctly just isn't her forte, or if she's being paid by gamblers—which is what famed boxing analyst Teddy Atlas suggested after the fight. 

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[via TMZ]

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