Look at the above picture. Do you see anything that would be worthy of hitting Cam Newton with a $10,000 fine? If you still don't see it, welcome to the club. Anyway, Newton was hit with the five figure fine for wearing unauthorized Under Armour visor clips on his helmet. 

In a recent article by snitch writer for Forbes.com, Chris Smith pointed out that Cam has been violating the NFL's equipment policy since his rookie year by wearing the UA clips on his facemask. The NFL took note of Smith's findings and acted on it, issuing a hefty fine to Newton because, according to the rulebook, "No invisible identification of a manufacturer's name or logo on the exterior of a helmet or on any attachment to a helmet is permitted unless provided for under a commercial arrangement between the League and manufacturer."  

Look, we understand that the league has a huge $1.1 billion partnership with Nike through 2016, but fining Cam for something that his own tackle probably can't see when they line up at scrimmage is a little insane, if you ask us. Guess it's just another case of Goodell being Goodell. 

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[via Bleacher Report]