Now this is how you make a black Bugatti look unique. Bugatti released it's next car in the "Bugatti Legends" line, this one paying tribute to Jean Bugatti. The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is named after the son of Ettore Bugatti who designed the Type 57SC Atlantic, which is, oh, you know, just largely considered one of the greatest cars ever made. 

The car has special features like a clear-coated black carbon fiber, platinum grille and log, signed gas and oil caps,  two-tone brown interior, and the 57SC (Jean had one called The Black Car or La Voiture Noire) is stitched into the door panels. The second Legendary Special Edition will cost about 2.28 million euros, or about $3,000,000. Look for live photos tomorrow.

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[via Bugatti]