This might be wrong, but we can't help but chuckle as this dude and his motorcycle sink and float away in this particularly feisty part of the flash floods currently happening in Boulder, Colorado right now. Maybe it wouldn't be so funny, if the guy didn't willingly drive straight into it. He's riding along, GoPro in a chesty strap, when he comes up to a heaving flow of water. It's obvious he knows he's in trouble as he let's go a sighing "ohhhhh, God," as he pulls up to the situation.

He sits there for a couple minutes and decides to go ahead anyway. At first it looks like he might make it, but sure enough, the muddy waters hold deep pockets and gobble up the driver, as he surprisingly goes, "oh, shit, ohhhhh shit, ohhhhh shit." Check it out above. 

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[via Live Leak