Tulane may not have the most talented team in college football—the Green Wave play in Conference-USA and are just 1-1 so far this season—but you should still probably look out for them anyway. That's because they have not one but two names that you will recognize on their roster.

The first is Nick Montana. He is the starting quarterback for Tulane and the son of NFL legend Joe Montana. But believe it or not, the second player might be even more noteworthy. That player? Nico Marley. He's the son of former Miami star Rohan Marley (he had Nico with his first wife before later fathering five children with Lauryn Hill) and the grandson of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. And he's pretty damn good on the football field. Though undersized, Nico Marley starts at linebacker for Tulane and has already recorded 11 tackles, an interception, and a fumble recovery for the team this season.

"Nico Marley excites me because he's active," Tulance head coach Curtis Johnson said prior to the start of the season. "Nico Marley is my starter because he's active, he can bring it, and he's a very, very smart young man. I love him. I love his attitude and his enthusiasm."

Sounds like we have yet another college football team to keep an eye on on Saturday afternoons this fall. Not that we're complaining.

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