Back to back Rookie of the Year studs for the New York Mets, fierce hitter Darryl Strawberry and phenom pitcher Doc Gooden both might have had HOF careers had they not suffered from substance abuse problems. The two both managed to have some success in the league including some phenomenal early years, despite these issues. But they just didn't pan out as many projected them to despite the All-Star appearances and World Series wins they each boast.

What could've been: Doc Gooden was so good his first two seasons that we wouldn't have a problem arguing that he'd be the best pitcher ever had the drugs not gotten in his way. Gooden had the stuff scouts dream of so we think a few more All-Star appearances, Cy Youngs, and multiple World Series titles were in his future. As for Strawberry, he definetly would've been one of the greatest hitters of all time. His swing was as sweet as Ken Griffey Jr., and he was clutch to boot. The New York Mets would've had a dynasty on their hands. Ironic that both guys won rings with the Yankees after their time in Queens was done.