Just watch the clip above and tell us you aren't blown away by what Barry Sanders was able to do. Widely recognized as the most elusive back to ever play in the NFL, he put up ridiculous stats and managed to make dudes look stupid for 10 solid years before hanging 'em up for good. It came as a surprise considering Sanders seemingly had plenty left in the tank netting 2,000+ yards two years before and nearly 1,500 in his final season. Fans across the country reveled in pain when they got the news as Barry changed the game for backs to come for good.

What could've been: Sanders would have gone down as the best RB in history by all accounts if he played another two-to-three years at the level he displayed in his first 10 seasons. He retired less than 1,500 yards shy of Walter Payton's then-all-time rushing record of 16,726 yards. The current all-time rushing leader, Emmit Smith, ran for 18,355 yards in his 15-season career. Sanders finished with 15,269 in just 10 season. Another two-to-three healthy season and the record would've likely been his. If somehow he was able to land on a contender as well, he might have gotten his chance at a ring too.