Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard has one of the coolest nicknames in the NFL right now. His nickname is "Crushboy" and he apparently got it because of the devastating hits that he routinely delivers on the football field. But unfortunately, that nickname might be working against him right now, because he was just informed that the NFL is fining him $42,000 for a hit that he made on Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson on Sunday afternoon that resulted in Johnson leaving the game with a concussion. And as you might expect, Pollard, er, Crushboy is not happy about it:

We can sort of understand Pollard's frustration here. The NFL is going wild with fines so far this season. And in Pollard's case, he was fined for hitting a defenseless receiver with his shoulder, not for delivering a dirty hit or a helmet-to-helmet blow. So $42K seems excessive. But at the same time, don't you expect fines to come your way when you go by the nickname Crushboy? It sort of comes with the territory, no?

At any rate, Pollard is expected to appeal the fine. It's the second one he's received during the 2013-14 NFL season, though—his first one was for $10,000 and was given to him after he delivered a late hit out of bounds during a preseason game against the Washington Redskins—so we don't expect the NFL to budge much on the fine.

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[via ESPN]