Luxury requires substance, and substance requires heavy materials. That's why the Bentley Muslanne doors feel like they weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds all on their own. Of course, Bentley doesn't think Bentley owners should be tasked with having to close said doors, so they close themselves at the push of a button. Tres luxurious. Once the door is mostly closed, a hydraulic actuator squeezes the door closed.

Now, there's a very wealthy, formerly thumb shaped spatula-digit that shows off the biggest flaw with this system. The owner of said crushed thumb sent photos to Jalopnik as well as this curious video. Yes it does show that the door will indeed crush an object, but it also shows that Mr. Bentley Owner thought "what obect do I have that's most similar to my wife's thumb? Well, only her thumb and this butt plug have been in there so..."

Bentley is not commenting, as the case is in litigation.

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[via Jalopnik