Barry Switzer is an old school kind of guy. Something tells us that when his Oklahoma players used to act up back in the 1970s and 1980s, he did more than just yell at them and send them to the bench. So when he saw the way that Johnny Manziel acted on Saturday afternoon during Texas A&M's season opener against Rice, it sounds like he wanted to rip Johnny Football's head off. He explained his reaction to Manziel's behavior during an interview on ESPN Radio late yesterday.

"For him to act so arrogant," Switzer said, "I wanted to jerk his face mask and I wanted to grab him. Of course, you would get fired for that now; in the old days you could get away with that. It's the world we live in. It's a misplaced value system. When I see this happen, I wonder where the core value system comes from, if he has a core value system. This young man needs a damn hell of a lot of development."

Probably true. Manziel did get a little out of pocket on Saturday afternoon when he carried on during the game. He was playing Rice—Rice!—not Alabama, so he should have kept a few of the celebrations that he did to himself. But at the same time, what's with all of the old college coaches wanting to physically harm Manziel?! Lou Holtz also said that he would have grabbed Manziel "by the throat" on ESPN on Saturday. We realize you may not agree with the way the kid operates, but is physical violence against him really the answer?

Either way, it's clear that Manziel continues to strike a nerve across America. And we don't see that ending anytime soon.

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[via SB Nation]