We've watched this GIF over and over and we can confirm to you that, no, this Washington State defender's leg didn't get shot. His lower body really did freeze up that badly when Stanford's Barry J. Sanders' gipped him with this juke move. The freshman pulled off the quick move during a 16-yard reception during tonight's game.

In case you missed it, Barry J. Sanders shares the name of the legendary Lions running back; that's his son. This is really the freshman's first noteworthy play as Stanford's backup running back. Sanders was a four-star recruit for the team and tallied just one rushing attempt this season. While he hasn't come close to denting his father's legacy yet, Sanders has shown signs of potential as he's appeared in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

SB Nation pointed out that the juke looked pretty similar to his father's:

That could be because Sanders does try to mold his running style after him. "He was one of the best," Sanders said in an interview with San Jose Mercury News. "Why not try to replicate the best?"

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[via SB Nation]