Barry Bonds already has that asterisk next to his title as the MLB all-time home run leader because of his run-in with steroids. He may need another asterisk next to his record because apparently he was a zombie after 2003, when he died.

That second sentence isn't true, but it was a typo from an ESPN article:

Bonds gave testimony before a grand jury in December 2003 after prosecutors asked him whether Anderson had given him "anything that required a syringe to inject yourself with."

Barry Bonds referred to his father, former major leaguer Bobby Bonds, when he responded "that's what keeps our friendship. You know, I am sorry, but that—you know that—I was a celebrity child, not just in baseball by my own instincts. I became a celebrity child with a famous father. I just don't get into other people's business because of my father's situation, you see..."

Barry Bonds died in August of that year.

Of course, the writer meant to say it was Bobby Bonds who died in 2003. Confusing Barry with Bobby is an honest mistake right?

The fact that Barry is alive doesn't mean life is all good though. The article was a report on the fedral court upholding an obstruction of justice conviction caused by his completely irrelevant response to a question during a grand jury hearing concerning the infamous BALCO scandal. He was asked if his trainer ever injected him with a substance when he gave the quoted, incongruent answer.

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[via Deadspin