Why can't car companies ever make cars that have the same attitude as the sketches that inspire them? This looks like a cool $50,000 car, whereas the sketch looked like the range topping, six figure special edition that this car is going to be.

The neo-Quattro is going to be a 700 horsepower AWD hybrid. That's right, this version uses Audi's 4.0L V8 mated to an electric motor and and a liquid-cooled battery pack; the result is a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds. Yes, that does seem slow for a 700 horse AWD supercar, and that's because the new Quattro weighs in at a whopping 4,079 lbs.

No doubt it will be cool, but we have to say that we think the 2010 Quattro Concept was cooler, and that since an R8 V10 Plus is going to be cheaper and just as fast, we think it's going to be a flop.

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[via Audi