The hate on Alex Rodriguez is here to stay for the foreseeable future even if he wins the World Series; the approval by New Yorkers and nearly everyone else's hate for the Yankees would probably cancel each other out. But if the millions of dollars and the Maybach don't help, his latest achievement should help ease the pain of being an obscenely rich sports pariah.

At the bottom of the seventh against the Giants, Rodriguez hit a grand slam on his seventh home run of the season to clinch a crucial win for the Yankees. This was his 24th grand slam, which is the most in Major League Baseball history.

The hit dethroned Yankee great and probably more well-liked Lou Gehrig as the king of grand slams. He was at the top with 23 before this weekend.

"You know, that means I'm getting old," the 38-year-old Rodriguez said. "It's hard to think about things like that right now. We're really on a sprint to the end here, and every win is huge for us." The Yankees are three games behind in the wild card race.

Rodriguez currently ranks sixth (309) in Yankees history in home runs above Derek Jeter (256) and below Gehrig (493), who's ranked third.

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[via ESPN]