In case you were wondering at the end of his SMH-worthy videos, Adrien Broner can still hand out some ass kickings. We can't assume that Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s sparring partners assumed otherwise, but whether that was the case or not, they were NOT ready when Broner stopped by Mayweather's gym.

Broner handled these guys with ease and barely took them seriously. The welterweight champion even landed a behind-the-head, backwards punch while pummeling one of his opponents.

The beatings came after circulating rumors about Broner being out of shape; he pushed back his scheduled fight with Marcos Maidana this December because of alleged weight issues. This showcase either silences those rumors or shows how much better he is than the average boxer. But is Broner still good enough to remain undefeated against his next Maidana, who's 34-3 with 31 knockouts?

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[via Black Sports Online]