We've certainly seen our fair share of bad car accidents over the years. But we haven't seen too many like the one in the video above. It involved 120 cars—that's right, 120 cars!—and took place in Kent, a county in south England, earlier this week.

So how in the world did 120 cars end up getting into an accident at nearly the same time? Well, from the sound of things, a heavy fog descended over Kent on Thursday morning. And that made driving across the Sheppey bridge in Kent nearly impossible. But many drivers tried to plow through it anyway, which made driving conditions terrible. So before long, one car hit another, then another car hit that one, and another car hit that one, and, after about ten minutes of non-stop accidents, there were 120 cars on the bridge that had sustained damage from the huge pileup. As a result of it, eight people were rushed to the hospital with major injuries, 60 people suffered less serious injuries, and hundreds of other people were left to wander around on the bridge as cars whizzed by them. It was a pretty wild scene.

Check out the aftermath of the pileup in the video above. It's really amazing that no one was killed here.

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[via The Guardian]