If you travel the same route everyday, you should be able to avoid most speeding tickets just by being observant. The first few times you head to your job, school, or neighborhood strip club, make a mental note where you see police camping out. Also, think like a cop: Where would you sit, if you were fishing for speed demons?

Police are like anyone else, they are creatures of habit. You'll find that cops eat breakfast at the same diner then travel the same path to the same speed traps every day; they have a morning routine, just like you. Sure, they could always switch things up, but you'll be surprised how often you see the same squad cars in the same spots. To get you started, we give you speedtraps.org, a national database of known speed traps in the U.S. and Canada. There are apps on your phone, as well, so you can stay aware in new places. Sometimes, the Internet is a beautiful thing.